Tru-Color Paints - 1oz. - Flat Brushable

Tru-Color Paint


SKU Road Number Qty
TCP-800 White 2 In Stock
TCP-801 Concrete Sold Out
TCP-802 Dark Gray Sold Out
TCP-803 Light Gray Sold Out
TCP-804 Grimey Black Sold Out
TCP-805 Black 1 In Stock
TCP-806 Box Car Brown 1 In Stock
TCP-807 Signal Red 1 In Stock
TCP-808 Yellow 1 In Stock
TCP-809 Dark Green 2 In Stock
TCP-810 Light Green 1 In Stock
TCP-811 Aluminum 1 In Stock
TCP-812 Rust Sold Out
TCP-813 Dark Blue 1 In Stock
TCP-814 Orange 2 In Stock
TCP-815 Oxide Brown Sold Out
TCP-816 Stucco Grey 1 In Stock
TCP-817 Off-White 2 In Stock
TCP-818 Light Tan Sold Out
TCP-819 Dark Tan Sold Out
TCP-820 Light Blue 2 In Stock
TCP-821 Brick Red 1 In Stock
TCP-822 Rail Raod Tie Brown Sold Out
TCP-823 Roof Brown Sold Out
TCP-824 Earth Sold Out
TCP-825 Mud Sold Out
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Flat Brushable Paints from Tru-Color.

Can be thinned with TCP-015 for airbrush use

We love the paints from Tru-Color for their consistency and ease of use! Tru-Color is the best paint there is for hobby and model building!

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