Speaker: Round - 20mm (3/4") - 8 Ohm



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SoundTraxx - Round Speaker - 20mm (3/4") - 8 Ohm

This tiny, high-output speaker is suitable for N-scale and larger models. 

Dimensions: 20mm x 3.2mm(D)
Frequency Response: 475Hz - 9kHz
Peak Power: 1 Watt
Impedance: 8 Ohms

Enhance Sound quality by adding a Baffle Kit

All SoundTraxx speakers are 8 ohms. As a general rule, we recommend installing the largest speaker that will fit in your model for the best sound. You also can use Tsunami's built-in 7-band equalizer (see Below) to optimize the speaker frequencies.

Speaker measurements are from the edge of the frame, not the cone size. Inches provided are nominal.

More about Tsunami's built-in 7-band equalizer

Tsunami’s 7-band Equalizer (EQ) allows you to fine-tune sounds to create distinct locomotive “personalities,” and optimize the speaker’s frequency response to enhance your favorite sounds. Using the EQ, you can cut and boost sound levels by +/- 12dB over seven selected frequency ranges!


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