Paper Flower Pollen


Woodland Scenics Paper Flower Pollen

Bags Contain - 1.8 in3 (29.4 cm3)


Paper Flower Pollen adds realistic detail to the stamens of the paper flower designs like those by Susan's Garden™. Use Pollen on model scenery to model flowers, highlight trees and shrubs, etc. You can also use it to detail decorations, embellish greeting cards and scrapbooks or for many other craft projects.

  • Charcoal - Use Charcoal for Poppies, Daffodils, Tulips and more!
  • Brown - Use Brown for Lilies, Sunflowers, Forsythia and more!
  • Gold - Use Gold for Sunflowers, Yarrow and more!
  • Green - Use Green for Poppies, Hellebores and more!
  • Yellow - Use Yellow for Daisies, Pansies, Sunflowers and more!
  • Orange - Use Orange for Lilies, Hibiscus, Daffodils and more!
  • Red - Use Red for Lilies, Hibiscus and more!
  • Purple - Use Purple for Fuchsia, Hardy Geranium and more!
  • Pink - Use Pink for Fuchsia, Bougainvillea, Hellebores and more!
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WSM-T4641 Charcoal $ 3.59 Sold Out
WSM-T4642 Brown $ 3.59 Sold Out
WSM-T4643 Gold $ 3.59 Sold Out
WSM-T4644 Green $ 3.59 Sold Out
WSM-T4645 Yellow $ 3.59 Sold Out
WSM-T4646 Orange $ 3.59 Sold Out
WSM-T4647 Red $ 3.59 Sold Out
WSM-T4648 Purple $ 3.59 Sold Out
WSM-T4649 Pink $ 3.59 Sold Out
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