N Scale: Trenton Works 67'-11" Bulkhead Flat Car : TTX : 3 Stripe White Conspicuity



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ExactRail Trenton Works 67'-11" Bulkhead Flat Car : TTX : 3 Stripe White Conspicuity

The Trenton Works 67'-11" Bulkhead Flat Car is one of the most prolific bulkhead flat cars of the contemporary era. Built in 2005 by Trenton Works of Nova Scotia for TTX under Lot 9327, these cars have bold proportions and a low stance which speak to the modern age. This is one of the most attractive cars of the now.

ExactRail is offering a replica that is of the most meticulous design. Great attention has been given to the most intricate details. This model consists of injection molded plastic, etched metal, laser-cut wood, formed brass and wire parts. One feature to which they would like to draw attention is the assembly which routes the air hose from under the draft box. This one feature is created from prints, multiple pages of personal notes, and dozens of photographs. In addition to other things, ExactRail has given great attention to the underbody details so to capture with fidelity the intricate features of the Trenton Work's design.

Bring your Bulkhead Flat Car fleet into the modern era!

Product Features:

  • Precision Micro-tooled!
  • Designed, engineered, tooled and injection molded in Orem, Utah facilities
  • ExactRail's 100 ton ASF Ride Control Trucks
  • ExactRail's CNC-machined metal wheels sets
  • MicroTrains #1016 body mounted coupler!
  • Narrow-style draft box, featuring:
    • Shank wedges
    • Striker casting
    • Nut & bolt detail
  • Photo-etched, stainless steel brake platforms and brass bulkhead caps!
  • Replicated as an N scale train
  • Exceptionally accurate printing and true to life colors!
  • Laser Etched Wood Bulkhead panels (user installed)

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