N Scale: PC&F XIH Boxcar - CP Stacked Herald

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Eastern Seaboard Models: PC&F XIH Boxcar - Canadian Pacific Stacked Herald

In 1950, Bangor and Aroostook commissioned Magor Car Company to build 300 insulated heated plug-door boxcars for potato service.  An additional 150 cars were ordered from Pacific Car & Foundry in 1953.  The cars were equipped with ventilators and charcoal heaters.  New Haven piggybacked an order of 100 cars with the PC&F lot and factory-decorated its cars in the State of Maine scheme to save money on the purchase.  The cars carried potatos in the winter and paper products in the summer.
The model is injection molded plastic with etched brass roofwalk and brake platform.  These cars ride at the prototypically-correct height above the rails, on friction-bearing trucks fitted with low-profile wheelsets. The model is equipped with body-mounted Micro-Trains® #1015 couplers, Bettendorf trucks and plastic wheels, or Micro-Trains compatible knuckle couplers, Trainworx ASF A-3 trucks and Fox Valley metal wheels as specified.

PC&F XIH Boxcar - Canadian Pacific Stacked Herald

with Charcoal Heater

The prototype was built by National Steel Car between October 1959 and January 1960.  Tuscan red with white print.

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