N Scale: PC&F 50' Exterior Post Insulated Boxcar - Conrail

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Wheels of Time N Scale: PC&F 50-ft Exterior Post Insulated Boxcars - Conrail

These PC&F 70-ton 50-ft Exterior Post Insulated Boxcars, built in Renton Washington, were prevalent from the late 1960's and through 1980's. They continued on to second hand, third hand and even fourth hand owners into today's railroading.

Their exterior post design became the way boxcars are fabricated largely replacing the double sheathed (smooth side) car body construction. These insulated cars measured 50-ft. 6-in. (or 7-inches in some cases) in interior length and had a cargo capacity of roughly 4400 to 5033 cu. ft. They were equipped to hold shifting loads with built in restraining devices such as from Car Pac or DF Evans. Further, their 20-inch cushioning devices on the cars absorbed the longitudinal forces resulting from slack action that can damage the cargo. They carried food products such as can goods, drinks, packaged food products, dog food, and even chocolate - which needed protection from the changes in temperature, but required no refrigeration.

Model Features:

  • Two door styles as according to the prototype: Landis Plug Door and Youngstown Plug Door.
  • Highly detailed undercarriage and body including Keystone cushioning details for cars so equipped.
  • Very sharp printing and authentic lettering.
  • Mutliple car numbers.
  • Body-mounted couplers.
  • Metal 33-inch wheels for smooth rolling and great operation.


Prototype Info:

Conrail inherited a batched of 50-ft PC&F Exterior Post Insulated Boxcar from the Penn Central. They were originally purchased for their Merchants Despatch Transportation (MDT) in 1968. MDT continued to operate as a subsidary under Conrail - the reason for lettering "Merchants Despatch Transportation Corporation Owner and Lessor". Revised car numbers to reflect majority of Conrail's PCF roster. No change in item numbers. Correction: By 1987, only four cars were renumbered into the 365xxx series. Majority of the cars were left in the 360500 series and left as RBL. Strangely, MDT (Conrail), did not reweigh these cars when repainted but kept the original NEW date. Therefore, we have revised the artwork and car numbers to reflect this distinction that most cars were left in the original numbers.

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