N Scale: GSC 60-Ton Well Car - Allis Chalmers

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General Steel Castings 60-Ton Well Car

General Steel Castings offered a 60-ton well car in its product line of one piece cast steel car bodies in 1958.  The buyer railroads purchased the components and assembled the cars in their own shops.

The body and detail parts are injection molded plastic, while the well and underframe are diecast.  Intricate and accurate detail includes a free-standing vertical brakewheel.  These cars ride at the prototypically-correct height, with the well a mere ten scale inches above the rails.  The model rides on Atlas' Barber S-2 friction-bearing truck frames fitted with Fox Valley Models 28" low-profile wheelsets, and features body-mounted Micro-Trains® #2001/2004 couplers.

Operation of this model over curved trackage of less than 10-inch radius is not recommended.


Allis-Chalmers company had two well cars built in August 1957 that were used to ship agricultural machinery.  At least one of the cars remained in service though the 1990s, and was scrapped in 2005.  Made in China. 

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