N Scale: Amtrak Superliner 4-Car Set - Phase IVb - Set B



N Superliner Amtrak Phase IVb 4-Car Set B
- Coach #34046, Coach #34079, Lounge #33022 and Sleeper #32053

The Superliner II fleet was introduced in 1990 as Amtrak's next generation of its now ubiquitous Superliners. Visually very similar to their older cousins, the Superliner II's have a host of mechanical and electrical improvements to their design as well as construction. One of the new styles of car introduced with this new generation of cars was the "Transition Sleeper", or "Transition Dormitory" car. Intended to replace the aging High-Level Step Down cars, the Transition Sleeper fulfills a similar role by having high and low level diaphragms on either end of the car as well as having on-board crew accommodations.

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