HO Scale: World's Finest Wheel Sets - Qty 96 - 36" Blackened Brass - .110



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ExactRail's all-new brass, blackened and nickle-silver wheel sets are a new standard of wheel set. In true scale, ExactRail's wheel sets feature the most accurate contours, offsets and tire. Most of all, we are proud that ExactRail's wheel sets are manufactured and assembled in our own Orem, Utah facilities. Our objective is to create the world's finest wheel set. We have devoted many hours to research with engineering prints, detailed photos, and field measurements. This has included the use a large calipers to plot the precise dish of actual prototype axles. To recreate faithfully the complex surfaces of a wheel, we have purchased precision Swiss-turning equipment. To ensure that insulation is seamlessly integrated into the design, we built specialty molds for wheel bushings. With these molds, we hold part tolerances of 0.0005". Over the last nine months, a team of three engineers has devoted significant time refining our processes. Every single wheel set is individually tested to ensure roll quality. We have sent samples to discerning critics, and we have made revisions from their feedback. Many thousands of wheel sets have been scrapped along the way. However, we have been passionate. ExactRail's all-new brass, blackened and nickle-silver wheel sets are the most accurate wheel set that we have ever seen. And we are proud to say that the results are yours to enjoy. H I G H L I G H T S • Tread: 0.110 width • Material: Blackened Brass • Tip to tip axles length: 1.002" • Axles are live for power pick-up. • Works with most trucks • Made in the USA

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