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In 1974, the Southern Pacific received 100-ton, 65' mill gondolas from Thrall Car Manufacturing. The railroad classified these cars as the G-100-22. They were among the first 100-ton, 65' gondolas acquired by the railroad. The G-100-22 is a distinctive car. Like all modern gondolas, the stature of this car gives it presence. Yet, the modern "facade" is betrayed by terminating dreadnaught ends and trucks that are well inset. This car is distinctive--for sure, and that is why we love it. Many of these cars have been pressed into Maintenance of Way service, and they can be found on home rails today.

The Southern Pacific G-100-22 will be offered in the "1974 As Delivered" paint scheme in 9 road numbers.

The model is a Platinum Series replica and features:

  • Wire grab irons, brake rods, brake cylinder lever hangers and tie downs
  • Metal top chord tie-downs and etched brake step
  • Kadee #158 Couplers
  • CNC-machined 36" wheels and axles
  • ExactRail ASF 100 Ton Ride Control Trucks
  • Accurate print and colors
  • Etched brass ACI plate

Check out this Video Review of this EPIC Model:

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