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Walthers Mainline


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Walthers Mainline HO Scale: 50' PC&F Insulated Boxcar - Chicago Burlington & Quincy

These colorful WalthersMainline PC&F 50' Insulated boxcars are right at home on layouts from the 1960s to 2000s. Based on class RBL prototypes with insulation & load restraints, the prototypes were shipper favorites for food, beverages, packaged chemicals and finished wood products.
Limited edition - one time run of these road numbers!
Seen coast-to-coast from 1960 to 2000s Affordably priced and nicely detailed with:

  • As-built version with high ladders & see-through running boards 
  • Correct Plate B dimensions: 50' 8-1/4" Long over endsills x 10' Wide x 15' Tall 
  • 9' Youngstown plug doors 
  • Detailed brake gear 
  • Hydra-Cushion cylinder detail & extended draft gear
  • Late improved Dreadnaught ends
  • Diagonal panel roof
  • Riveted sides
  • 70-ton roller bearing trucks
  • Two different car numbers for each roadname
  • Correct 33" turned-metal wheel sets 
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers 


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