See the Milwaukee Road’s “electrification” on the old Pacific Extension. Remember the “Quills”, Bipolars, GE Boxcabs and GE “Joes”. Additional coverage includes the Milwaukee Road’s diesels and a nice review of Milwaukee Road’s steam powered trains.

This is Milwaukee Road’s passenger and freight operations in its finest years. We also bring a good section on snow fighting, MOW equipment and practices as well as the frequent wrecks that kept the MOW people far too busy in the unfortunate years of decline. But overall, the Milwaukee Road’s employees always came through in the best tradition of tough and dedicated mountain railroaders. 

Don’t miss the comparative electrics on the Great Northern and the BA&P add to the history and scenic views. The copper ore trains that the BA&P actually preceded the Milwaukee’s own electrification. The original electrified BA&P paved the way for Milwaukee’s plans and gave them the impetus to “go electric” -- in many ways. 

See highlights of rival Northern Pacific and more Great Northern regional competition of their own specialized electric trains – and, their steam and diesel power.

This video features mostly 16mm, beautiful, color film that captures the essence of the Milwaukee Road’s Pacific “extension” to Seattle and Tacoma, Washington.

This is a fine history of the great Pacific Northwest -- and railroad history in general. 

To quote Model Railroad News, “Once again, Charles Smiley’s ‘magic’ resurrects old footage and combines it into a powerful story”.