Utah’s four major interurban lines come back to life in this special video. See the splendid Bamberger RR, classic interurban Salt Lake & Utah, the lengthy Utah Idaho Central and the famous Saltair lines of the “Garfield, Salt Lake & Western”, -- as well as the entertaining, and famous, Salt-Air Pavilion. This was one of the earliest western “theme-parks”-- that met with Utah’s values and provided local-folk with a good time and wholesome fun.

Both passenger and freight operation from the 20s to the 50s. Also, the little streetcars in the cities of the region and an early and continuing theme-park (built by the Bamberger line) of importance out west are special topics.

Don’t miss the huge Bingham Canyon, open-pit copper mine and their electric trains in detail. It’s the largest mine of its type on planet-Earth! 

The Bingham Canyon mine operation was so large that it could actually be seen from outer space as a significant topological feature from the Space Station! We bring the culture, history and rail lines and industrious-ways of the people of the Greater Salt Lake Region. 

To quote Railfan & Railroad magazine, “a very PBS-quality presentation"