The late-great Santa Fe as shot on movie film. From Chicago to LA, up to Stockton and out to Richmond. All the early diesels and the second generation power too. Both passenger & freight. Enjoy the Santa’s various “Chiefs” and the speedy San Diegan.

See street-running and yards. Remember the Super-C and the “Chief” at their best. Remember all the EMD F-units, ALCOs, U-boats and Geeps and many special units. This is action and history at its best. Tehachapi, Cajon Pass, Barstow, passenger trains down to San Diego as well as action at LAUPT -- and more!

To quote Model Railroad News magazine, “Charles Smiley Presents gives a masterful 61 minutes of historical information and delightful visual images. All in all, this is simply a wonderful video”.

And, quoting Trains Magazine, “The careful editing (and excellent maps and graphics) do justice to the subject. This is a fine tape and one that will appeal to the Santa Fe’s many devoted fans”.

The Cast:

  • GP20, GP30 & GP35 
  • SD24, SD26 & SD45 
  • CF7, FP45 & F-units 
  • ALCO PA - ALCO S & RSDs 
  • U-boats & cabooses at all the great hot-spots 

Special sections on the F-units, Cowl units, Super-c and ALCO power.