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PAN-21005 Titanium White $ 7.19 4 In Stock
PAN-23801 Red Iron Oxide Ex. Dk. $ 7.19 2 In Stock
PAN-23803 Red Iron Oxide Shade $ 7.19 3 In Stock
PAN-27403 Burnt Sienna Shade $ 7.19 3 In Stock
PAN-27405 Burnt Sienna $ 7.19 1 In Stock
PAN-27408 Burnt Sienna Tint $ 7.19 2 In Stock
PAN-27805 Raw Umber $ 7.19 1 In Stock
PAN-27808 Raw Umber Tint $ 7.19 3 In Stock
PAN-28005 Black $ 7.19 3 In Stock
PAN-28202 Neutral Grey Ex. Drk. $ 7.19 3 In Stock
PAN-28205 Neutral Grey $ 7.19 3 In Stock
PAN-28407 Paynes Grey Tint $ 7.19 4 In Stock
PAN-26603 Chromium Oxide Green $ 7.19 2 In Stock
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Panpastel Color Weathering Powders

Create a wide range of realistic weathering, fading, shading and other effects on structures, rolling stock, scenery and more. PanPastel Colors are professional artists' quality soft pastels made with the finest quality pigments for the most concentrated color possible. While they can be mixed and blended like paint, they go on dry (great for use on wood or paper) with no need for water or solvents, and produce very little dust. Each comes in a unique plastic pan to keep them separate and clean, plus they thread securely together making them easy to store or transport from your workbench to your layout. Use straight from the package or mix shades, and apply directly to any surface using the Sofft Tools & Applicators (sold separately) for excellent control. With no drying time, colors go on true so you see results instantly, they're highly resistant to fading over time and they're easily washed off if you want to start over. 
Please note: Most colors are available in four different versions; Pure Color, Tints are pure colors mixed with white for a lighter look, Shades are pure colors mixed with black for a darker appearance, and Extra Dark has more black for a more intense dark color

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