Scenery: Bushes - Bag - Various Colors

Woodland Scenics

Type: Scenery


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FC144 Olive Green 4 In Stock
FC145 Light Green 3 In Stock
FC146 Medium Green 2 In Stock
FC147 Dark Green 3 In Stock
FC148 Forest Green 3 In Stock
FC149 Forest Blend 2 In Stock
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Woodland Scenics: Bushes - Bag

Models medium to high ground cover, such as bushes, shrubs and trees, and is the perfect product to make medium to large trees. Use for any scale. Six realistic colorfast colors. Attach to Tree Armatures with Hob-e-Tac®. Attach to layout with Scenic Glue™. Purchase the Scenery Manual for additional information about how to use the Landscape System.

Particle size approximately 5/16 in - 1/2 in (7.9mm - 12.7 mm) 

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