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Books: Building a Sectional Layout


**In a recent shipment we received these books that had some minor damage on the cover (see photos) these books are still completely useable and the damage in no way affects usability).** 


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By Pelle Søeborg

Well-known author and modeling expert, Pelle Søeborg, introduces the sectional model railroad layout in his all-new book, Building a Sectional Layout. If you’re building for a specific spot  in your overall layout, Pelle offers how-to advice for modeling sections, building benchwork, and laying track.

Using his Midwest layout, Pelle shares new techniques that can be applied to both sectional and stationary layouts, from design to final details. His addition of a grain elevator demonstrates why every layout should have a "signature" structure — a "wow" factor.  

The book covers:

  • Planning and designing a sectional layout.
  • Building benchwork and laying track.
  • How-to advice for creating realistic scenery and structures (a bridge, farm fields, streets, highways, and more). 
  • The importance of building a "signature" structure, using Pelle's grain elevator as an example.
Author: Pelle Søeborg
Size: 8.25 x 10.75
Pages: 96
Color photos: 450

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