About us

We Love Trains.

Size doesn't matter, from 1:1 all the way down to the tiniest models. If you're here chances are you do to. TrainLife began several years ago when the ExactRail team began Purchasing the rights to model railroading magazines that had gone the way of the fallen flags, with the intent of publishing them on a social media type site for train lovers. It was to be a place for research and discussion about what we love. Trains.

Meet the New TrainLife.com

We never felt like we hit the social thing perfectly and over the years the Original TrainLife stopped getting much attention from us. Several years ago ExactRail went to a consumer direct sales model and one of the biggest concerns was that those that wanted our products wouldn't be able to easily buy them along side the incredible products produced by others in the industry. TrainLife is and answer to both of these problems. We have created a full online and local hobby store (Located in Provo, UT) for your shopping needs and will be improving our online magazine/research offerings as well. Learn more about the TrainLife Magazine Archive HERE.

TrainLife.com is for you and a place for your ‘TrainLife'. We will continue to add functionality and tools to the site that we hope will be useful to modelers. We welcome your feedback and suggestions!