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7 7. Use the Kadee gauge to check the coupler height at the pilot end as well. We had to bend ours up about 1/76" to bring the coupler up.
s hould b e . Adding a t wo -wheeled pilot truck to the inexpensive Atlas 0- 8-0 is a relatively easy chore. K a d ee has a kit (shown in these photos) for t he N scale loco mo tive t hat provides the lead truck and includes the superb K a d ee m a g n e t i ca l l y -o p e r a t e d a ut o ma tic coupler a s well. K emt ro n has parts to add a two-wheeled p ilot t ruck to the A H M-brand HO and 0 s cale versions o f the lo co mo t ive in much the sa me ma nner as the Kadee scale con version kit. Kadee has couplers that can be mounted on eit her t he H O or 0 s cale versions. The Kadee co upler, alt hough far more realistic than the standard N , HO, or 0 s ca le couplers, will not couple with the coupl ers supplied on any of the At las or A H M loco mo tives. I f you're n o t yet ready to convert all of yo ur rolling stock and ei ther lo co motives to the Kadee coupler, you can fit a second pair of cou plers to one end of t wo cars t hat serve as "buffers" between the Kadee locomo tive a nd t h e rest of your rolling stock .

78. & 79. The extra pilot length and the extra front wheels are enough to give the chassis of the locomo tive a different appearanf:e. The round feedwa ter heater a t the top edge of the smokebox could be filed away and the headligh t mounted in its place to alter the appearance of the locomotive even further.

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