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  • The HO layout at the Baltimore Society of Model Engineers was about 55 feet long, with a city at one end, farms and small towns in the middle, and wooded mountains at the other end. One year I added a set of four bears --one standing next to a tree with one arm raised, one standing on all fours, and...
  • G'day all,This is my first kit, it's a JV Models, N scale Lukas sawmill.Opening the kit I found that I had many scale size boards, so taking my downsize  pill I took up my hammer and nails and got to work, LOL.I have found that here in Australia the worst thing in modelling logging is that we&n...
  • This is another way to load logs, hope some find these interesting. Jeff.
  • April 2
    Posted by Jeffery Gale
    This is also used for loading logs. Jeff

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